Brussels in August

After weeks of traveling around northern Europe, I finally returned to Brussels. I planned to return that weekend to not only swap out clothes and drop off stuff I'd acquired over the past days, but to catch the Flower Carpet in Brussels. The Flower Carpet occurs every two years and they carpet the "Grand Place" with begonia flowers. It lasts just for a weekend (because it's real flowers), and I had never seen it. Here's the link to the Flickr album with all the pictures from the weekend.

The trip from Berlin to Brussels (via Cologne) went smoothly. I was at the station early, got myself lunch and enjoyed the view. I was already excited to come back and I hadn't even left!
From the Dunkin Donuts in the train station. Nice view of the Reichstag building


Hamburg and a few days in Berlin

This blog post is about a month late. After Gothenburg I essentially switched to "find a flat" mode and focused on my apartment search, getting ready for work, and settling in.

The trip from Gothenburg to Berlin would be broken up in Hamburg, where I'd spent the night before taking a train to Berlin. From Gothenburg I took a train to Copenhagen and went back to Germany over the same railway and ferry that I took going to Scandinavia. This time I took more pictures on the ferry and posted the pictures to Flickr.

Train from Copenhagen to Hamburg!