For the trip from Oslo to Gothenburg, there was some rail work going on which meant I'd have to take a bus from Oslo to Moss, and from Moss we'd take the train to Gothenburg. The bus ride was a nice change of pace, seeing the highways and tunnels of Scandinavia. The train ride was nicer, I was in the quiet car (didn't stop a guy from taking a phone call, sigh) and was reading on my Kindle. I looked up while reading and smiled at the amazing view of the countryside rolling by.
"Auto Awesome" picture of the view


Oslo, not quite like Epcot

I'm quite late with this post, as I was in Oslo about a week ago. Usually I try to post when I arrive in the next city, but between short stays in the cities I was in following Oslo and ramping up my apartment search in Berlin, I didn't have the time to post. Now that I have free time this weekend, I'll catch up on my blog. And without further delay...


Stockholm - Log Islet

My next stop after Copenhagen was Stockholm, where I'd spend 4 nights. Follow along on with pictures in the Flickr album.

To get to Stockholm, I took a high-speed train from Copenhagen. It's a reservation-required train, but reservations are relatively cheap, and I booked a meal for the ride (which went through lunch) to get a discount. I was supposed to print the ticket but I hadn't gotten around to it in Berlin, and I didn't have access to a printer in Copenhagen. Luckily they accepted the PDF of it on my phone.
Copenhagen station



As always, if you're impatient and want to see the photos I have on Flickr, here's the link for Copenhagen.

On Friday morning I had breakfast and left to go to the central station. I had booked a seat a few days before so I wasn't too stressed. Nothing much to report for that morning, it was a nice day and 
"Train ends here" "Please do not board"


Berlin (Part 2)

I'll start by re-posting the link to the Flickr album from Part 1.

To recap, had my interviews on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I switched hotels and did some visiting/shopping, but the weather wasn't great. Thursday was then a fully free day before traveling to Copenhagen on Friday. Since the weather promised to be nice on Thursday, I planned to go to Tempelhof Airport to see the abandoned airport that's now a park. Tempelhof is known for being the site of the Berlin Airlift. The airport closed in 2008. The city opened the airfield as a park in 2010. I took a panoramic picture from the runway, which you can see here.

Berlin (Part 1)

As in my previous post, here's the Flickr link for all the other pictures I took.

Berlin is a great city. I absolutely love how it has the mix of old and new, the history behind everything, and a very safe feel to it all. In my last post, I mentioned the interviews I had coming up. The first one was Monday with BlackBridge, second was Tuesday with Pixformance. I really liked what I saw at Blackbridge and was really happy when they offered me a job! So it looks like I'll be working there starting in September (so excited!).