Brussels to Berlin via Cologne

Before I begin, I'd like to link to a photo album with pictures relating to this post on Flickr. I've captioned those photos there, but most of them are in Cologne.

With my bags packed, my uncle drove me to the Brussels South train station. I went and activated my pass and went to board the first train to Köln (Cologne). I got there relatively early, and the train was originating from that Brussels station so it was also there early. It was interesting because it wouldn't let us board until 20 minutes before departure, so I got to stare at the train for a while.
Initially, the sign at the station said not to board


Belgian Palace

Every summer, Belgium's Royal Palace opens up for visitors with free tours. On Friday, I went over there for a tour and took a lot of pictures. I put the pictures on Flickr, so head over there to see all of them.

While waiting for the bus to bring me into town, I snapped some pictures of the newer trams in Brussels.
Tram in the opposite direction


Arrived in Belgium

I got in to Belgium on Wednesday (today is Friday). My last post was at London Heathrow where I was waiting in the lounge for my next flight. After that post, I had lunch, the massage, and then went to the gate for my flight to Brussels.
Lunch was some tasty pasta

Plane for my flight to Brussels


Left America

Several months ago, I decided I wanted to try and see what it's like to live and work in Europe. Having dual citizenship with Belgium and USA means I don't need any sort of visa to come and live/work in Europe. Long story short, I quit my job, packed my bags, and bought my flight for Brussels.