Brussels for the move to Berlin

In my last two posts, I talked about getting my apartment in Berlin and the trip back to Brussels. When I returned to Brussels, I spent my time there pretty much getting my stuff in order. I did some light grocery shopping for some Belgian food snacks to bring with me to Berlin. When I went out to the store, I saw an interesting truck parked along the street.
Diplomatic Cargo outside my grandmother's apartment building.

It would be a busy week, since I'd fly to Berlin with all my bags and then go to Dublin for the weekend. With my bags packed, I said goodbye to my grandmother and my uncle drove my to the Brussels airport. 

At the airport in Brussels, waiting to board the flight. I had priority boarding since I paid a flex fare (since I was adding a lot of hold luggage, it was better to get that fare).

First time I'd be boarding from the tarmac.

First one out

Flying EasyJet

Last views of Belgium

Ready for takeoff

Approaching Berlin

Towards SXF

Landed at SXF, looking at the unfinished BER airport

Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. Should've opened in 2012, won't open until like 2018. An embarrassment to all of Germany. 

Selfie with the airplane

This is apparently a somewhat popular picture to take. That machine brought me and my stuff to Berlin.

Sodexo luggage carts. Sodexo was the caterer when I worked at Harris.
I took a cab to my apartment and my cab driver was very nice and helped me with some of my suitcases up the stairs after I paid him (with, I guess, a pretty generous tip). During the few days before my trip to Dublin I did my official residence registration with the city (Anmeldung), opened a bank account, bought some bedding and other stuff at Ikea, did laundry, and managed to relax a bit at some local restaurants.
Walked past a printer-supply store at night and saw a cat guarding the place!

Italian restaurant in Germany. Enjoyed being outside without worrying about mosquitos, with the sounds of the S-Bahn going by in the distance. Very relaxing.
Really happy with where I am and the journey that brought me to this point. To think a few months ago I was still working in Florida!

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